Attach the GoPro Camera to Your Bike - dummies

Attach the GoPro Camera to Your Bike

By John Carucci

Ambitious riders have long been mounting cameras on their handlebars to record compelling video sequences. The GoPro can do the job, too, with more options and from a unique perspective. And don’t worry about taking your hands off the handlebars to start and stop the camera, when you can speak verbal commands into the optional Remo voice-activated remote control.

Consider the following possibilities:

  • Helmet mount: This mount allows you to attach the GoPro on your bicycle helmet. Wear the camera as you zip down bike paths or mountain trails, giving the viewer a truly authentic rider’s-eye view.

On the downside, the GoPro will capture motion from both the bike and the rider.

  • Pro Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount: This mount lowers the perspective and keeps the camera steady while providing the bike’s point of view. You can swivel this versatile mount 360-degrees for unique perspectives. So, turn it around to get the rider’s point of view, as shown. Its quick clip makes it easy to attach and remove. And don’t worry about the bar size, as it supports different diameters.
  • Time-Lapse video at night: Point the camera at yourself and ride through a well-lit area, such as a busy downtown area at twilight. Keep the footage stable with an optional handheld gimbal or mounting on your Seeker backpack for super smooth footage.
GoPro on a roll bar mount.