How to Shoot Images in Sports Mode on Your Canon EOS 6D - dummies

How to Shoot Images in Sports Mode on Your Canon EOS 6D

By Doug Sahlin

If you’re using your Canon EOS 6D to photograph a subject such as your son playing soccer or a waterskier, choose Sports mode. When you photograph in this mode, the camera chooses a shutter speed that freezes the action. This mode works well for most action shots.

Of course, if you’re shooting a racing car coming almost straight at you, the only way to capture the image is to shoot in Shutter Priority mode and pre-focus the camera. To capture images of moving objects:

  1. Press the Mode Lock button and then rotate the Mode dial to SCN.

  2. Press the Quick Control button.

    The Quick Control menu for the SCN modes is displayed. If you have photographed with a SCN mode before, the last-used mode is displayed on the Quick Control menu. Press Set to display all of the SCN mode icons.

  3. Use the Multi-controller to select the Sports mode and then press Set.

    When you photograph in Sports mode, images are saved in the JPEG format with the Large Quality setting. This mode uses the Standard setting for picture ambience, Default setting for lighting, and the drive mode is Continuous, which means you capture a sequence of action images as long as your finger is on the Shutter button.

    You can change a setting by highlighting it with the Multi-controller dial, pressing Set, and then choosing the desired setting.


  4. Press the Shutter button halfway to achieve focus.

    Position the center autofocus point over your subject when you press the Shutter button halfway. You’re also shooting in a mode where the camera updates focus as your subject moves closer to or farther from you. Your camera will not be able to keep focus on a very fast-moving object like a jet taking off and flying directly at you.

  5. Press the Shutter button fully to begin capturing images.

    When you shoot in this mode, the camera is in Continuous drive mode, which means the camera will capture images as long as your finger is on the Shutter button. This enables you to capture action sequences of subjects.

  6. Release the Shutter button to stop taking pictures.

Shoot moving objects with a telephoto lens. This enables you to distance yourself from a potentially dangerous subject like a horse running at full speed. With a telephoto lens, you also end up with a softer background.