Essential Supplies for Your Iguana

By Melissa Kaplan, William K. Hayes

Part of Iguanas For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Being completely ready before you bring home your iguana is essential, and a lot goes into creating the proper iguana home. To make things as stress-free as possible for you and the iguana make sure the new enclosure and furnishings are set up early. Here’s a list of necessary equipment and supplies (which is the same no matter how old the iguana is):

  • The enclosure

    • 1 55–100-gallon enclosure

    • 1 reptile under-tank heat pad or human heating pad

    • 1–2 daytime overhead heat sources (white basking lights, a basking light and ceramic heating element [CHE], or an incandescent household light bulb)

    • 1–2 nighttime overhead heat sources (nocturnal heat light and/or CHE)

    • 1 light fixture for each overhead heat source (porcelain sockets are required for CHEs)

    • 1 UVB-producing fluorescent tube long enough to stretch across the width of the enclosure

    • 1 fluorescent light fixture

    • 2–5 appliance timers to automate the heat and fluorescent lights

    • 1–2 table lamp dimmer switches (or rheostats) or a hard-wired thermostat to regulate the heat source output

    • 1–2 power strips (6–8 outlets each)

    • 3 thermometers to be placed in the enclosure to monitor temperatures

    • 2–3 units of suitable substrate, including extras to rotate in and out as they become soiled

    • 1 hide box (a box your iguana can hide in)

    • 1 branch or shelf for basking

  • Food, vitamins, and supplements

    • Fresh supply of iguana-friendly food

    • Multivitamin

    • Calcium supplement

  • First-aid supplies

    • 1 container of blood-stop powder or a box of cornstarch

    • 1 bottle of Betadine (povidone-iodine)

    • 1 tube of triple antibiotic ointment

    • 1 reptile veterinarian

  • Other stuff

    • 1 water bowl

    • 1 food plate

    • 1–2 food storage containers for salads and greens

    • 1 set of cleaning and disinfecting supplies (sponges, paper towels, gloves, cleaner, disinfectant, etc.)

    • 1 pair of claw trimmers

    • 1 room humidifier

    • 1 cloth sack, cardboard box, or animal carrier to transport your iguana home and to the vet

It’s quite a list, huh? And this is just the minimum start-up equipment and supplies you need. Now you understand why getting all the supplies and equipment home and assembled before you bring the iguana home is so important.