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What to Do If Your Dog Gets Stuck with Porcupine Quills

By M. Christine Zink

Porcupines roam around the woods on sunny days, and sleep in fields and meadows at night. And, some curious canines just can’t mind their own business. The result is usually a face full of painful porcupine quills.

If you find your dog in this kind of a fix, here’s what to do: Calm the dog down as best you can (porcupine quills are very painful, and dogs tend to scratch and paw at their faces) and transport her to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

The vet will anesthetize your dog and remove the quills while she is in dreamland. If veterinary assistance is not available, muzzle the dog and have someone hold her while you pull the quills quickly straight out, not at an angle. Feel the skin for deeply embedded quills and look in the mouth for quills, too — these should be removed by a veterinarian.

Never remove quills from the eye. If your dog has a quill in her eye, calm her down (it is very painful) and tie her legs together to prevent her from pawing at the eye. Protect the eye until you can get her to a veterinarian or emergency clinic.