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Weather and Seasons Impact Dog Photography

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

As with any general statements, guidelines about the best time of day to photograph dogs outdoors change depending on different variables — in this case, the weather and seasons. With each variable comes a multitude of possibilities for you to learn how to work with to yield some spectacular results!

As much as they try, meteorologists aren’t always right about the weather, so when you wake up to a nice sunny morning and decide that this is the day you’re going to take Phoebe out for a photo session, only to see the clouds roll in an hour later, don’t abort the mission — yet.

Yes, some nice sunshine is helpful to have, but an overcast day can be just as workable. You don’t have to worry about shadows or avoiding the high-noon time slot. On an overcast day, you can go out anytime!

Because of the naturally soft, diffused light, overcast days are perfect for taking portraits of your pet, and if she’s a dark color, an overcast day presents the best natural lighting situation you could ask for, so stay out as long as you can.

If the clouds turn to rain, though, it’s time to head for shelter; even if your camera were waterproof (and unless it’s designed for underwater use, it’s not), most dogs don’t look all that great posing in the rain.

No matter where you live, chances are the elements change (at least slightly) from season to season, and some of those changes can affect your photography. Here are some special considerations to keep in mind when photographing Phoebe through the seasons:

  • Winter: The days are a lot shorter and the sun is less powerful, so you can adjust your timing accordingly. Also, if you photograph in a cold climate, make sure you and your pal are adequately protected from the low temperatures, snow, and ice.

  • Spring: The colors in the natural world are brighter and the days get longer. Weather can change fast in the springtime, so make sure you have a Plan B!

  • Summer: You get the longest days, so your window of opportunity increases, although your high-noon “no shoot” zone expands, too. Your options for venues generally increase and so does your time to really take your pooch on an outdoor adventure. Always remember to bring enough water for both of you and to take plenty of breaks.

  • Fall: This is a great time of year to use the amazing reds, oranges, and yellows of changing foliage for your background. And of course, there’s nothing cuter than photographing Razzmatazz in a giant pile of leaves!