Training Your Dog to Settle in One Spot, on Command - dummies

Training Your Dog to Settle in One Spot, on Command

Getting your dog to settle down in one spot is one of those lessons that you appreciate for the rest of your life. Pick an area, or station, for your dog in each room, preferably a spot that is to the side or in a quiet corner. Adorn your dog’s station with a toy and bedding, if that’s what she likes.

Each time you are in the room and you’d like your dog to quiet down, tell her “Settle Down” as you point to her area. If she ignores you, lead her there and say “Settle” as you position her in a comfortable “Down” position and instruct “Stay.” If your dog challenges her “Stay” command, secure a leash to an immovable object near the station, leaving just enough slack for your dog to lie down comfortably.

Soon you can just point, and your dog will go happily — content to chew her favorite toy and stay out from under foot. If you’d like to create a permanent doggy spot in the TV room or the bedroom, consider positioning the doggy spot near your couch or bed. Dogs love being close!

Betcha haven’t thought of this one! If you have small kids, or if your dog’s still a pup, attach your dog’s toy to a piece of rope and tie it to something immovable near the station spot. That way it won’t disappear.