Take the Photo of Humans and Dogs, Face to Face - dummies

Take the Photo of Humans and Dogs, Face to Face

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

The possibilities with face-to-face photos are endless. Nothing melts your heart faster than an image of a dog and his human gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. It just says everything about the true bond between a dog and a human, really. Try these setups:

  • Both human and dog lying on their stomachs, and you on yours so you can put the viewer right in the moment with them. Experiment with different amounts of space between their faces, and photograph from the side, or even try shooting from above.

    If you’re having trouble capturing that human-animal bond, focus your attention on their gaze and start snapping the moment they lock eyes.


17mm, 1/100 sec., f/9.0, 1000

  • Dog and human facing each other while sitting. The human can take the dog’s face in her hands while maintaining eye contact as you photograph from the side.

    A slight variation on this idea is to have them get close enough so their foreheads are touching. Experiment with closed and open eyes.


    45mm, 1/160 sec., f/10, 160

  • You can get silly, too. Try to get the human to mirror whatever the dog’s expression is for a fun image. If the dog is panting, have the human pant. If the dog is looking up at something, have the human look up, too.