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Spread the Word about Adoptable Animals through Social Media

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

If you’re addicted to Facebook, consider using your dog photography business to become a social media animal networker. Your local rescue organizations and shelters may already have their own web pages where they post adoptable animals, but if they don’t, why not help start one?

You can network adoptable animals by sharing their photos and details on your own Facebook wall. You never know who may be looking to adopt a new friend.


24mm, 1/50 sec., f/2.8, 320

This picture shows a Los Angeles shelter pup who found a home all the way across the country in North Carolina! After watching the pup’s owners drop her off at the shelter, the photographer decided to start networking her on Facebook. One thing led to another, and a close friend reposted Callie’s plea on her own wall.

When the friend’s aunt in North Carolina saw Callie’s photos, she knew right away that she wanted to save this dog. Callie was pulled from the shelter system and transported to Chicago, where her new family drove up to meet her! Granted, that’s a long-distance rescue story, but it just goes to show how powerful social media networking can be!