Relax and Keep Your Cool during Dog Photo Sessions - dummies

Relax and Keep Your Cool during Dog Photo Sessions

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

Dogs are like mirrors to their humans. They sense energy better than a seismograph. All good dog photographers understand this concept and use it to their advantage.

The worst photo sessions are the ones where the owners attempt to control their dog, fail, get embarrassed, and become frustrated. The energy is almost palpable to the photographer in those situations, so you can try to imagine what the dog is feeling!

Always try to remain calm and stable during any doggie photo session. Find that Zen place and keep breathing, no matter what. If you’re working with your own dog, you’re in luck because you only have one person’s emotions to control — your own!

If you’re working with someone else’s dog, explain to the owner in advance how important it is for everyone in the room to remain calm, happy, and stress-free. Often this task is easier said than done, so if things start going south, politely ask the owner to take a break while your assistant steps in to do some wrangling.

A less obvious way of getting the humans to chill out a little is to start chatting them up. Ask them about their work, their home, the weather — anything that’s not about their dog. After they get the focus off of their pup, the dog will feel a bit of relief and probably relax for you. Every shoot is different, so don’t be afraid to give direction and switch things up if Yvette starts to get agitated.