Prepare Your Human and Canine Photography Clients - dummies

Prepare Your Human and Canine Photography Clients

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

You should run through how the photo shoot is going to work with your human client ahead of time. This is a big piece of the shoot, actually, and it doesn’t even happen during the session itself.

Because you can’t actually communicate in words with a dog and tell Gracie what’s happening, there’s a good chance that Gracie will get hyper, confused, or withdrawn when a new person with all this equipment and a scary flashing light comes into the house. Your goal is to keep the experience as low-key as possible, and explaining that to the human ahead of time will greatly assist you in achieving it.

If left uncoached, many human clients get nervous or stressed-out about the photo shoot for all sorts of reasons (after all, they’re only human). They worry about what you think of their house, they anguish over getting their dog to behave, and they hover and try to be helpful. Nine times out of ten, they don’t help, bless their hearts.

When the humans have nervous energy, the dog picks up on it right away, and the session unravels quickly. So to avoid having to watch your shoot disintegrate in front of your very eyes, give your human clients their instructions ahead of time, whatever they may be.

You can include tips like

  • Stay calm

  • Let the photographer handle the dog

  • Exercise the dog before the session

  • Get the dog groomed before the session