Pick the Perfect Time of Day for Outdoor Dog Photos - dummies

Pick the Perfect Time of Day for Outdoor Dog Photos

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

Pay attention to the light in your yard or favorite outdoor areas at different times of day when determining where to conduct your dog photography sessions. Notice how the light changes from orange to yellow when it arrives in the morning and from red to blue as it slips away in the evening.

Look at the shadows the trees cast and whether they help or hurt the lighting situation. Sometimes leaves can block out too much light, but other times they dapple it just enough to set the perfect mood for your image.

At noon and its adjacent hours, outdoor lighting is at its harshest. The sun is directly overhead, which results in high-contrast images with details in the highlights and shadows getting lost. You want to avoid photographing during this time slot (which changes slightly with the seasons, of course).

Other than that, the time you shoot is up to you. Experiment and see what you like best. Though similar, morning light and late afternoon light are different, so experiment and see what works. For softer, diffused light, try photographing during the “golden hour.”

If you want to try shooting during sunset or sunrise, the lighting changes very rapidly during those times, so you have to move quickly. You may want to save that challenge for a little ways down the line, after you’ve had some practice photographing outdoors first.