Make the Most of Shelter or Rescue Adoption Day Shoots - dummies

Make the Most of Shelter or Rescue Adoption Day Shoots

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

If a rescue organization does ask you to come out to an adoption day, be prepared to photograph a lot of animals and have the founder point out any animals that are in particular need of great photos — likely the shyer dogs or black-coated dogs that are difficult to photograph.

Spend some time with each animal (and his handler), getting to know a little about the dog. Let the dog sniff you and introduce himself before shoving a camera in his face. You are a stranger, after all, so this may not be as easy as photographing your own dog.

Find out in advance if the adoption event will be held outdoors or indoors and plan accordingly. If it’s outdoors, you probably won’t have the luxury of shooting during your favorite times of day (early morning/late afternoon), unless the adoption event happens to fall during those times, so be prepared to scout out the best shady locale, or use your fill flash technique if there’s no shade to be had.

If you find a bit of shade, take advantage of it; the pups will look less stressed from the heat, and you’ll get much softer light to work with.


24mm, 1/100 sec., f/2.8, 400