Keep Dogs Safe during Photo Sessions - dummies

Keep Dogs Safe during Photo Sessions

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

Your first priority in general should always be to keep your dog safe, and that applies when you’re taking photos of him as well. If you don’t want to have him on a leash (otherwise known as having him “off-leash”), use a secure, enclosed area (like your house or yard). Otherwise, make sure he’s on a strong leash and never let go, even for a second.

And if you’re taking photos in a public place, never leave your dog unattended. Another good idea is to have someone help you by doing the handling or wrangling. Because you’re photographing him, you’re not able to devote 100 percent of your attention to his safety.

Nothing is more important than the safety of you and your dog. Nothing. That goes for emotional and mental safety, too. If your dog feels threatened, you won’t be able to work with him to get good photos.

Be conscious of things that are particularly spooky to your dog — loud noises, tall people, other dogs — and make sure to avoid them. You want your dog to feel relaxed during your photo shoot, and that won’t happen if he’s too worried that the big guy over by the tree is coming to get him.

Don’t take chances with your dog’s safety just for a cool photo. It only takes a second or an inch for something to go wrong.