Immunizing Your Dog with the Right Vaccinations - dummies

Immunizing Your Dog with the Right Vaccinations

By M. Christine Zink

Vaccinations are a routine part of veterinary visits. These immunizations prevent health problems that can cause illness, deformity, and even death for many dogs.

Puppies should get their first set of vaccinations at 6 to 8 weeks of age, before they go to their new homes. They also need two more sets of vaccinations spaced three to four weeks apart before they are fully immunized.

Set up a vaccination schedule for your puppy and adult dog with your veterinarian. The vaccinations you select for your dog will depend on his age, where you live, and the chances of your dog being exposed to infected dogs or wildlife.

The table lists diseases you can vaccinate against, along with the symptoms they result in when a dog has the disease.

Diseases You Can Vaccinate Against and Their Symptoms
Disease Symptoms
Rabies Salivation, aggression, paralysis
Distemper Diarrhea, pneumonia, tremors
Parvovirus Bloody diarrhea, dehydration
Infectious Canine Hepatitis Diarrhea, pneumonia
Coronavirus Diarrhea
Kennel cough Cough, pneumonia
Lyme disease Lameness, arthritis
Leptospirosis Bloody urine, diarrhea, vomiting