How to Treat Your Dog’s Eye Injury - dummies

How to Treat Your Dog’s Eye Injury

By M. Christine Zink

The eyes are very delicate and easily injured, especially in dogs who love to play in the great outdoors. How you deal with a foreign substance in your dog’s eye depends mostly on how big it is and whether it’s actually penetrating the eye or the skin near the eye.

To remove dust or grasses, wash the eye with sterile saline. Hold your dog’s eye open and gently pour the saline over the surface of the eye. Using a penlight flashlight, examine the insides of the lids to be sure you removed the offending particles. If repeated flushing doesn’t help, get your dog to a veterinarian.

If a foreign body is penetrating the eye or the skin near the eye, do not touch it. Stop the dog from pawing at the eye by taping his hind legs together and his forelegs together so that he can’t paw at the object.

You can also prevent him from moving the object (an possibly causing more damage) by having him wear an Elizabethan collar (a wide, cone-shaped plastic or cardboard collar that prevents the dog from being able to scratch his head).

You can make a temporary Elizabethan collar by cutting a head-sized hole into the bottom of a bucket and placing the bucket over the dog’s head, fastening the bucket to the dog’s collar. Then get your dog to a veterinarian immediately.