How to Train Your Dog to Wag on Cue - dummies

How to Train Your Dog to Wag on Cue

“If you’re happy and you know it, wag your tail!” Training your dog to wag him tail on command is so easy! Catch your dog wagging, praise him for it, and think of a clever cue word to command each time … maybe “Wag.”

Also, know your dog. If a tennis ball brings the tail into action, hold up a ball. If a treat gets the tail to wag, use that. Use your cue word in a positive, inviting tone, and watch your dog come alive.

Now add a signal like waving your right hand back and forth. Start out with a pronounced sweep, then taper off until you can make small motions with your index finger.

If you’re in front of a crowd, you can ask really difficult questions and tell your dog that if he agrees, all he has to do is wag his tail. It goes like this: “I’m going to ask you a hard question and if you agree, all you have to do is wag your tail. Ready? Would you like everyone to give you a hug?” Or tell your dog to wag his tail for yes and then ask him if he likes an enraptured 5-year-old. When that tail wags, the 5-year-old’s day is made!