How to Teach Your Dog the Come Command - dummies

By Jack Volhard, Wendy Volhard

“Come” is the command that sets your dog in motion. When you train your dog to come, you can let him off his leash and call him back to you as necessary. Check out this video for a quick lesson on training your dog to come.


One of the exercises in the Canine Good Citizen test checks to see whether your dog comes when you call him. Here’s how to teach your dog the Come command:

  1. Call your dog by saying “[His name], Come,” and use the leash to guide him to you.

  2. When your dog comes to you, give him a treat, pet him, and praise him enthusiastically.

    You can — and should — pet your dog when he reaches you so that coming to you is a pleasant experience for him.

  3. Hold onto his collar and pass the leash to your partner, who says, “[His name], Come,” guides the dog in, gives him a treat, and praises the dog.

    Keep working on this exercise until your dog responds on his own to being called and no longer needs to be guided in with the leash.

  4. Repeat the exercise with your dog off-leash, gradually increasing the distance between you and your partner to 12 feet.