How to Take Dog Photos with Furniture - dummies

How to Take Dog Photos with Furniture

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

Not everyone lets his furry friends share the sofa, overtake the ottoman, or divvy up the davenport. For those who do, you can learn how to incorporate Brownie’s favorite chair into a great photograph.

1Identify the piece of furniture you want to use.

You can go the sentimental route and choose somewhere Brownie hangs out all the time or decide on something because it’s an interesting color or good-looking piece.

2Take a few minutes to clean up the immediate area and background.

Get rid of or straighten up pillows, blankets, toys, or anything that may be distracting.

3Open all your blinds and curtains to assess your light.

Do this before Brownie even gets up on the furniture to help make the most of the natural light available.

4Position your pooch in different ways for different shots.

50mm, 1/320 sec., f/2.5, 400

Try having him lie down and dangle his paws off the edge of a chair. That’s just one idea, though; the possibilities are endless. Does Sadie sit like a human in the chair? Be sure to photograph that! How about having Poncho rest his head on the arm of the chair?

Or maybe use those decorative pillows to create a big, cushy throne or have Quinn perch on the back of the chair. What about tucking Sheba under the throw blanket for a cuddly shot? Or maybe your dog doesn’t like sitting on the chair at all but would rather lie under it. Whatever your pooch’s pleasure, just keep pressing that shutter button!

5If your dog is used to being on the furniture, he should get settled in fairly quickly.

If he’s not, you may need to sit or stand next to him as you pet him to reassure him that everything’s okay so he relaxes. When he does so, move to set up your shot.

6Back up enough to compose the shot you want.

24mm, 1/250 sec., f/13, 160

Spencer was positioned in the middle of the bed, and the shot was composed so the two nightstands and reading lights on the wall framed him.

7Press your shutter release button.

Voilà! — a photo of Fifi on the furniture.

If you let your dog share your furniture on a regular basis, be sure to keep your eyes open for candid opportunities like Sebastian curled up with the family during movie time. Some of the cutest images come from unplanned moments, so the next time you settle in to watch the newest delightfully predictable romantic comedy, keep that camera right next to the remote!