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How to Stop Your Dog from Pottying in the House

House soiling that occurs after your dog is housetrained and that isn’t marking behavior can have a variety of causes, including separation anxiety. Treating the house as a bathroom usually is caused by one or more of the following:

  • You left your dog too long without giving her a chance to relieve himself. As the saying goes, accidents happen, and that’s just what it was — an accident. You know your dog’s endurance and schedule, so don’t blame the dog when for some reason you were unable to adhere to it. As long as it doesn’t become a regular occurrence on your part, the behavior won’t be a continuing problem.

  • Your dog ate something that disagreed with her, and she has an upset stomach. Abrupt dietary changes, such as changing dog foods, are the most common cause for an upset tummy. Any time you change your dog’s diet, do it gradually, over a period of several days, so her system can get used to the new food.

    Giving treats at holiday times that your dog ordinarily doesn’t get, such as turkey and gravy or pizza, can create havoc with her digestive system.

  • Cystitis, a bladder infection, is more common among female dogs than male dogs and may cause dribbling. You need to consult your vet.

    Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder wall that can be caused by a bacterial infection. It makes your dog feel as if there’s constant pressure on her bladder, and she’ll think she has to urinate all the time, even after just relieving himself. When she does urinate, it can burn, which in turn causes her to spend a lot of time washing herself.

    Although not very dangerous in and of itself, cystitis can cause all sorts of problems if left unattended, because the bacteria can spread up into the kidneys. If you see any symptoms, a trip to your vet is a must. A short course of the appropriate antibiotics cures this inflammation quickly.

  • Your aging dog may develop urinary incontinence, which you can treat with medication and homeopathic remedies.

    The slackening of the sphincter muscles that holds the urine in the bladder often causes incontinence, which often happens as your dog ages. So many dogs are put to sleep for this perceived problem, which although not easy to live with, can be solved in several ways. Acupuncture is probably the best treatment and is very effective. A change in diet to a more natural diet can often solve this problem.

    You can find many herbal and homeopathic remedies on the market specifically targeted at the kidney and bladder of older dogs. A good holistic vet can help you make the best choice for your dog.

  • Chocolate can make your dog really sick. Although it contains several chemical agents that make it so good and tasty to us, these agents can be poisonous to your pup. Be very careful to keep chocolate out of the way of your best friend.

While you’re finding a vet to help you, you still have to live with the soiling problem. Put a plastic-coated tablecloth under your dog’s bed to save the furniture or floor. You can consider diapers, but only as a last resort. Don’t give up on that old friend — explore the alternatives and see how you can support your faithful companion in her old age.