How to Set Up Collections of Your Dog Photos within Lightroom - dummies

How to Set Up Collections of Your Dog Photos within Lightroom

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

It’s time to start organizing all your dog photos! Lightroom has some pretty awesome organizational tools, the crux of which is a little feature called Collections. You see, when you import photos into Lightroom, the software automatically adds them to the Folders panel, through which you can navigate, just like you navigate to a specific folder in any other program.

Collections, on the other hand, are customizable groups of photos that make filtering out specific images a breeze.

You can add any photo from your folders to a collection or even multiple collections. Say, for instance, you want to group together all your photos of Joanie in which she’s sleeping. Even if all those photos are in different folders, you can still group them together in a collection. To create a collection, follow these steps:

1With Lightroom open, click the Library module in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Put your screen in Grid View by clicking the icon made up of small boxes in the lower left-hand side of the toolbar.

2Select your desired photos from the Grid View.

To select a photo, simply click the thumbnail. To select multiple photos that are contiguous, click the first photo in the sequence, hold down the Shift key, and then click the last photo in the sequence. All photos between the first and last one are selected.

To select photos that are noncontiguous, click the first photo and then hold down the Control key (Windows) or Command key (Mac) to select other photos.

3Find the Collections panel on the left-hand side of your screen. Then click the + button and choose Create Collection.

If you don’t see the Collections panel, use the scroll bar to scroll down until you do.

4Type the name of your collection in the Name box.

For instance, “Luna.”

5Choose None from the Set drop-down list.

If you have already selected photos in grid view, select the Include selected photos check box under Collection Options. The Make new virtual copies check box should not be selected.

6Click Create.

You now see your new collection listed under the Collections panel. At this point, if you already had photos highlighted, they are already in your collection. Otherwise, your collection has zero photos in it, as noted to the right of the Collection name.

7To add photos to your new collection, go to the Folders panel and navigate to the first photo you want to add.

If the folder has multiple photos, feel free to choose multiple thumbnails at once in the Grid View.

8With your desired photos selected, simply click and drag them to the collection you created in the Collections panel.

When you release your photo(s), you should see the number indicator next to the Collection name jump to include these new photos.

9If you want to add more photos from other folders, simply repeat the last two steps.

If you want to further break down your photo categories, start with a Collection Set instead of a Collection. You can then add different Collections within the Collection Set container.