How to Release Your Dog with “Okay” - dummies

How to Release Your Dog with “Okay”

The point of a release word is to let your dog know that he can move now and is on his own time. “Okay” is the release word of choice for most dog trainers, although you’re free to choose a different release word.

Make it a strict rule to give your dog the release word, which allows him to move again, after every time you tell him to stay. If you get lax about releasing, your pooch will get into the habit of releasing himself. That teaches him that he can decide when to move — not a good idea and the opposite of what you want him to learn.

Your dog needs to know the difference between being praised for responding correctly and being released. Praise is not an invitation to move. You say “good boy” when your pup responds to a command. You say “Okay” to release him when the exercise is finished.