How to Photograph Doggie Kisses - dummies

How to Photograph Doggie Kisses

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

Among the most obvious types of canine PDA (that’s “poochie displays of affection”) are dog kisses! Before you say “Ew, gross!” and slather this book with hand sanitizer, keep in mind that a full-on make-out session between Hampton and his mom is not happening. Granted, Mom does need to be cool with a little doggie breath in her face.

  • Dog kissing human: Many dogs are pretty generous with their kisses, and all it takes is a little kissy sound from their human to start the full-face tongue bath. All you have to do is choose a nice setting, cue the kissy sound, and start snapping! Also be on the lookout for the doggie kisses to start spontaneously while you’re taking other photos.

  • Human kissing dog: Some dogs aren’t into giving kisses, but they’re totally game to receive them. If your canine subject won’t kiss on command, try having her human do the smooching!

    Here, the photographer caught such a moment (it happened to be spontaneous in this case, but you get the idea). If you want to coach your human subject, give directions like: kiss the top of the dog’s head, kiss the side of his face, close your eyes, open your eyes, and so on. The goal is to capture a moment of pure love.


27mm, 1/250 sec., f/3.5, 125