How to Detail Presence in Your Dog Photography - dummies

How to Detail Presence in Your Dog Photography

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

The Presence controls in Adobe Lightroom (located within the Develop Module and under the Basic pane) allow you to even further fine-tune your image. Your Presence controls are Clarity, Saturation, and Vibrance, all of which can add a nice pop to your dog photos but can also result in drastically unrealistic colors if you’re too heavy-handed. Your Presence controls function in the following way:

  • Clarity: The Clarity control adds extra sharpness to a slightly soft (or out-of-focus) image. The Clarity control isn’t a miracle cure for extremely out-of-focus images, but it does add some serious detail to barely out-of-focus images.

    Particularly in dog photos, adding clarity (or moving the slider to the right) brings out individual hairs in dogs’ fur that may not have been visible before. Generally speaking, you probably don’t want to decrease a photo’s clarity, but if for some reason you do, simply move the slider to the left.

  • Saturation: The Saturation control works equally across the board on all colors in your photo. Increasing saturation (moving the slider to the right) strengthens colors by making them deeper and brighter, whereas decreasing saturation washes them out. In fact, if you move your Saturation slider all the way to the left, you end up with a black-and-white image void of any color at all.

  • Vibrance: You can consider your Vibrance control a safer option than saturation because it doesn’t treat all your colors equally. Instead, it leaves alone the colors that are already pretty saturated and increases the saturation level of the more muted colors. The result is more vibrant color without overly exaggerated saturation.