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How to Correct Your Dog’s Weight Problem

If your canine companion struggles with weight issues, the solutions for dogs are much the same as for humans — more food or less food and perhaps more exercise for an overweight dog, keeping in mind that cutting down exercise time is not the way to help an underweight dog!

Try these tips for canine weight control:

  • If your dog is underweight, choose nutrient-dense dog food as recommended by your vet, such as premium puppy food or prescription food designed to help dogs gain weight. Or, if your vet recommends it, add healthy, nutrient-dense people food to her regular kibble, such as chopped, cooked meat, whole-milk plain yogurt, olive oil or flax seed oil, and fatty fish.

    You want calories, healthy fat, and plenty of vitamins and minerals in every bite of food you feed your dog — but not junk food or high-salt or high-sugar content.

  • If your dog is overweight, you’ll do her a big favor if you help her correct this problem with a little more exercise, fewer treats, and in some cases, a switch to a dog food made for overweight dogs.

Your vet can advise you on the best ways to put weight on or take it off your dog, but in general, dogs lose weight the same way humans do: fewer calories, good nutrition, and exercise.