How to Brand Your Dog Photography Business - dummies

How to Brand Your Dog Photography Business

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

Your business’s brand is its reputation, its identity, its presence in the world. Thousands of people work as pet photographers, and your brand is what sets you apart from the pack. Your brand is the tangible and not-so-tangible offerings and impact of your business; your job is to figure out what that all means.

Your brand isn’t just a logo and a tagline (although those elements are certainly part of it); it’s really the content of your company’s character. So start off with the “what.”

Do you want to be known for affordable prices and being accessible to everyone or for being a purveyor of exclusive luxury? Do you want to specialize in senior dogs or puppies? Do you want to be known for your speed and efficiency or your thorough retouching of images? Are you a great event photographer or do you prefer one-on-one sessions? Do you have a studio or shoot on site?

In addition to all the tangible characteristics, consider the less-visible ones as well: What values do you want your business to exude? Competitive? Smart? Friendly? Innovative? Reliable?

Combine all these things and you have your business’s brand.