How to Approach an Injured Dog - dummies

By M. Christine Zink

When you come upon an accident scene in which a dog has been injured, always be sure that you are safe before you try to help the dog. Every year people are killed on roads and highways because they put their own lives at risk to assist injured animals.

If the dog is in an unsafe area, secure the area and move the dog to a safe place before assessing his condition. If the dog is already in a safe area, you can begin to assess his medical condition immediately.

If other people are nearby, try to organize them to be a help rather than a hindrance:

  • Ask a few people to keep passersby away from the dog.

  • Ask one person to call a local veterinary clinic.

  • Have another person arrange to transport the dog.

  • You may have to have someone assist you in performing CPR and have another person apply pressure to any wounds.