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How Dogs Are Like Children to Their Humans

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

Obviously, you know what your own dog means to you, so remember that feeling when you photograph other people’s dogs. Always respect the humans’ directions (as long as the dog isn’t in danger) and defer to them. You wouldn’t tell others how to parent their human children, nor should you do so with canine kids.

The heart of the matter really is a matter of the heart. People love their dogs, just like you love yours. And that’s probably why they’re letting you take photos of them in the first place. Most times, you fall just as in love with them as their humans have, but sometimes, a dog may try your every last nerve.

Just remember: That dog is someone’s child. No matter how Max tests you, don’t get angry and don’t give up. Take a break if you must, but always strive to see Max through loving eyes, just as if he were your own dog (or child). And create images that truly bring out the parent-child bond that many humans share with their dogs.