Getting His Leash for You - dummies

Getting His Leash for You

It’s a fact of nature that dogs love to go for walks. Though teaching them to get their leash for you may encourage some late-night deliveries of it, this trick’s a real prize. If nothing else, he’ll look so cute!

1. When your dog is not wearing his leash, encourage him to take it in his mouth.

2. When he’ll do it readily, say “Get Your Leash!” and praise him and give him a treat.

3. Fold the leash neatly and secure it with a rubber band or string. Place it on the couch and encourage your dog to get it by saying “Get Your Leash!” and pointing to it.

4. If your dog grabs the leash, give him a treat (even for only a partial return).

If your dog’s not interested, encourage him by running over and making a fuss over the leash.

5. Repeat Step 4, but reward him only when he brings the leash to you.

6. Remove the string and let your dog grab the leash on his own.

The weight and pull of the leash may seem awkward at first, but praise your dog as you encourage him to come to you.

7. Go to the area where you keep the leash and place it in an obvious spot. Stand just a few feet away and encourage your dog’s delivery.

8. Extend your distance from the leash as you repeat the request, and reward good deliveries.

It’s fine for your dog to bring his leash to ask for a walk, but never let him mouth it when he’s wearing it. Dogs that take their leash in their mouth during a walk are trying to wrest control from you. You should be walking your dog; don’t allow him to walk himself.