Finding a Good Vet for your Dachshund - dummies

Finding a Good Vet for your Dachshund

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When you’re looking for a veterinarian, you want someone that you and your Dachshund are comfortable seeing. Here’s a list of things to look for when visiting a potential doggy doctor:

  • Was it easy to make an appointment?

  • Was the person on the phone friendly and accommodating?

  • Does the reception area look and smell clean? (A doggy smell is natural, but you shouldn’t smell anything unpleasant.)

  • Is the office staff friendly and polite when you visit?

  • Does your Dachshund seem interested when you visit, or does he seem nervous? (This isn’t always a good indicator. Some dogs are often nervous in new places, and your Dachshund may remember a previous vet’s office where he received a vaccination.)

  • Do you have a good feeling about the vet? Is she friendly, open, and easy to talk to?

  • Does the vet seem to have a genuine interest and love for animals?

  • Does the vet seem to bond with you and your dog?

  • Is the vet ready and willing to answer all your questions?

  • Does the vet make you feel like he has plenty of time for you?

  • Is the vet willing to give you references?

  • Is the vet open and forthcoming about her training?

  • Does the vet have any particular experience with Dachshunds?

  • Do you have a good feeling about the whole experience after you leave?