Dog Photography of Dogs and Humans Playing - dummies

Dog Photography of Dogs and Humans Playing

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

How do you capture a human and a dog playing together? In other words, your aim is to get both subjects in the frame. Here are some ideas for you to contemplate:

  • Tug: This is a fairly easy game to get photos of because dog and human generally hold their stance for a few seconds. Get a wide shot from the side to show how they both throw their whole bodies into it. Or zoom in to really see their facial expressions!


    55mm, 1/250 sec., f/11, 100

  • Fetch: Because your goal is to get photos of the relationship, focus on the part of fetch where the two are together, like the moment Harlee drops the ball, all slobbery and wet, at Dad’s feet.

    Or get a shot of her expectant eyes meeting her human’s. You can also have both of them just settle for a moment and let Harlee roll around with her toy while Dad looks on with adoring eyes.

  • Tummy rubs and more: However Simi likes to get his affection is what you want to capture. If it’s a belly rub, get low and perpendicular to him. Let his human’s face peek up and over his protruding tummy while he pets Simi.

    Then try a different angle by lying in front of Simi’s face (make sure Simi is cool with you getting so close) to capture his smile of bliss in the foreground and his adoring human in the background. Be prepared for any variation on the pet-me theme: ear rubs, chin scratches, head pats, and ticklish spots.

  • Special games: Do Payton and her human play hide-and-seek together? Hunt the hand under a blanket? If there’s something unique to them, make sure you get it!