Deliver Client Proofs in Your Dog Photography Business - dummies

Deliver Client Proofs in Your Dog Photography Business

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

With proofs of your dog photographs ready to go, it’s time to make them available to your client. You can get your proofs online using a number of methods; for example, you can use Adobe Lightroom’s integrated web gallery functionality. It’s a quick and easy way to export a professional-looking custom gallery.

One thing to make sure you include on your proofs is a watermark, which is a faint, semitransparent marking placed on photography proofs to protect your copyright and prevent your images from being used without your authorization or, even worse, stolen.

Your watermark can be a simple line of text that says “copyright,” your business name, or even your logo. It doesn’t have to be obnoxious; you still want your clients to be able to see their photos after all, so it just needs to be prominent enough so that your photos can’t be stolen right off the web.


When you upload a client’s photos to a proofing gallery, set the photo resolution at 72 dpi (or web resolution). This results in pictures that are large enough to be clearly seen on a computer monitor but small enough that they won’t print at a very good quality. The idea behind this is two-fold:

  • You probably have a limited amount of web-hosting space to work with and you don’t want to bog down your website with large files that take forever to load.

  • If you ever do have an image stolen off of the web, it won’t be suitable for printing.