Correct Dog Photography White Balance in Adobe Lightroom - dummies

Correct Dog Photography White Balance in Adobe Lightroom

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

Finding the right white balance for your dog photo is all about getting your photo’s color to look as true to life as possible. In general, this means making sure that the whites in your photo are completely neutral, without any sort of color cast added to them.

Color cast is an unwanted, even tint of a certain shade that affects your photo and can occur if you shoot using the wrong white balance setting (like “outdoors” when you’re actually indoors or vice versa) or if you bounce your flash off of a colored wall.

Like many things in photography, color is a subjective topic that depends on what looks right to you. If the colors in your photo don’t look quite right, you can adjust your white balance by doing the following:

  1. With Lightroom open, click the Develop Module in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

  2. Click the Basic pane and choose a preset from the WB (for white balance) drop-down menu as a starting point.

  3. If your color still looks far from accurate, try an alternate adjustment method by choosing the White Balance Selector tool and clicking an area in your photo that should be a neutral gray.

    If your color balance already looks decent from using your preset options, skip this step.

  4. Fine-tune your white balance by using the Temp slider to adjust the warmth of your image.

    Moving the slider to the right makes your colors appear warmer by adding some yellow and red, and moving it to the left makes your colors appear cooler by adding blue.

  5. Fine-tune the overall color cast of your photo by using the Tint slider.

    Moving the slider to the right adds a magenta tint to your photo, and moving it to the left adds a green tint to your photo.


To reset any slider back to its original setting, simply double-click the word (in this case Temp or Tint) that’s directly to the left of the slider.