Client Viewing of Your Dog Photography - dummies

Client Viewing of Your Dog Photography

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

After your proofing gallery is live, it’s time to invite your clients to view it by e-mailing them the link. Also, let them know what the next steps are. If their package includes any photos, remind them how many they should choose.

If they paid for only a sitting fee and are purchasing photos a la carte, be sure to include a product catalog or a price list so they can make some selections.

Another popular client-viewing method is the in-person viewing party. Invite your clients to your studio to view their high-resolution proofs on a large computer monitor (watermark-free) or even a flat-screen TV. This way they get to experience their images larger than life, and you get to see their candid reactions and help them decide which photos are best.

It might feel too high-pressure sales-ish, but some clients really enjoy the whole process of the photo session, and this is a natural ending to it.

If you want to offer specialty items in addition to standard prints and digital negatives, you should compile a product catalog so your clients can easily shop for things.


It’s up to you what you want to offer; this is another area in which you can set yourself apart from your competitors. Have a PDF of your catalog in your files, as well as hard copies, because different people like to look at catalogs in different formats.

Be sure to always leave your client with a catalog after the photo session. If you forget, you can e-mail the PDF later.