Checking Your Rottweiler’s Health Regularly - dummies

Checking Your Rottweiler’s Health Regularly

By Richard G. Beauchamp

Part of Rottweilers For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Prevention is critical to the health of your Rottweiler and your wallet. To avoid unnecessary medical bills and to keep your dog happy and fit, make it a habit to check these things as you groom or snuggle with your dog:

  • Skin should be free of eruptions.

  • Coat should be thick, lustrous, and clean.

  • Ears should be clean, without an offensive odor.

  • Teeth should be white without accumulated tartar.

  • Eyes should be clear and bright with no discharge or irritation.

  • Nails should be short, with no cracks or ragged edges.

  • Check the rectal temperature whenever your dog appears out of sorts. (Normal is between 101.5 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit.)