Canine First-Aid Kit Items - dummies

By M. Christine Zink

Part of Dog Health & Nutrition For Dummies Cheat Sheet

One way to keep your dog healthy is being prepared for an emergency. Administering first aid to an injured dog is very difficult — if not impossible — without a few essential supplies. The following items are great to have stored in a water resistant container (you can throw it in the car for road trips) for your doggy first-aid kit.

ACE brand elastic bandage Adhesive tape
Alcohol swabs Aspirin (enteric coated)
Athlete’s foot powder Bacitracin or Neosporin
Benadryl Cohesive bandage
Cold pack Cotton squares
Cotton swabs First aid instructions
Gauze bandage roll Gloves (latex)
Green Soap or Hibitane Hydrogen peroxide
Imodium A-D Lubricating jelly
Muzzle Needle and thread
NuSkin liquid bandage Penlight flashlight
Pepto-Bismol liquid Plastic bags (resealable)
Razor blade (retractable) or blunt-ended scissors Safety pins
Sterile saline solution Stockinet or bootie
Styptic powder Sun block
Syringe Thermometer (rectal)
Tweezers (flat-ended)