Beach, Lake, or River Locations for Dog Photographs - dummies

Beach, Lake, or River Locations for Dog Photographs

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

A lot of dogs love water, so even though photographing at the beach, lake, or river is challenging, it’s worth it if your pooch is part fish. Taking him to the water can result in some great photos of doggie joy written all over his face (not to mention some killer action — surf’s up, dude)!

But much like surfing, photographing at the waterfront can be harder than it looks; all it takes is preparation, persistence, and practicing with techniques like exposure compensation. Here are some tips for taking awesome water photos:

  • Watch out for the sand and saltwater, neither of which is good for your camera. The best tip is to have a waterproof case or covering for your camera, just in case. Or you can go the economic route and just have a plastic bag or two on hand.

  • Be prepared to get in the water, too. Not too deep (so leave your waders at home), but you should be ready to take off your socks and shoes and roll up your pants so you can at least go in up to your calves or so.

    Consider doing that as soon as you arrive so you can capture all the moments as they happen. Nothing is worse than Mr. Snorkels being in perfect position and you missing the shot because you’re still wearing your shoes and can’t get in the water.

  • Use a slow shutter speed to capture the classic look of a river, waterfall, or other moving water that Mr. Snorkels is sitting in front of. It’s probably challenging for him to hold a pose that long, so you may want to save this idea for when he’s resting near the water’s edge after a full day of fun.

  • Shoot at sunset or sunrise. This is a little tricky because the lighting changes fast. You have no better chance of managing it than on a wide-open beach or lakefront. Depending on your location, pick the beginning or end of the day for stunning light and colors.

  • Use creative angles and details for a different way to showcase your waterside location.

  • If you (or someone you know) are lucky enough to have a boat (and Mr. Snorkels enjoys being on it), get out there! Get some shots of him in his doggie life vest, enjoying the fresh air, and lounging on the deck.


24mm, 1/125 sec., f/2.8, 100