A Puppy Raising and Training Sample Diary Page - dummies

A Puppy Raising and Training Sample Diary Page

If you’ve laid out a plan for raising and training your puppy, using a diary will help keep a routine (for you and the dog) and keep track of your progress. Check out this training sample page:

Monday Gave Fido an extra meal today – he’s a hungry little guy.
Checked with the vet first. I don’t want to feed Fido too
much, but when he looks at me so pleadingly with those big brown
eyes, it’s hard to resist.
Tuesday Walked Fido right after breakfast. Made sure he had enough
clean, fresh water in his bowl.
Wednesday Teach Fido to sit by next week.
Thursday Played the Squeak Toy Shuffle with Fido today after I came home
from work. He really enjoys following me around.
Friday Today, we worked on getting Fido to learn his name. He’s more
interested in playing than listening. But I’m sure he’ll get it. I
can tell he’s smart.
Saturday Worked on “sit” several times today. Not sure if Fido
is totally getting it. Sometimes he seems to know what I mean,
other times he doesn’t. Will keep at it.
Sunday Worked more on “sit.” Fido seemed to catch on more
today than yesterday. I think he’s learning!

It’s okay to feed your puppy some table scraps. Stick to cooked pieces of chicken, turkey, beef or lamb. Avoid all poultry bones, because they can break off and choke your pup. And avoid junk food – chips, nuts, crackers and anything spicy – because these foods will make any dog ill. (NEVER give your puppy chocolate; even a small amount of chocolate can be deadly!) Try to keep table scraps to a minimum, as an occasional treat.