Medical Supplies for Your Cat - dummies

Medical Supplies for Your Cat

By Gina Spadafori, Paul D. Pion

Part of Cats For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Home care can be extremely difficult when a cat is frightened, leading to injuries for both owner and cat. But if you give your cat medical treatment at home, make sure that you have the first-aid supplies in the following list on hand:

Adhesive tape Kwik Stop powder
Benadryl antihistamine Scissors
Betadine antiseptic Sterile gauze, both rolls and pads
Cat restraint bag Syringe with the needle removed, for giving liquid
Cotton swabs, balls, and rolls Syrup of Ipecac
Eye wash Thermometer
Forceps or tweezers Triple antibiotic cream or ointment
Hydrogen peroxide Water-based lubricating jelly, such as K-Y

If your cat is injured and in pain, it may be easier to put him or her into a carrier and head to the veterinarian.