Tracking Your Budget in Home Accountz - dummies

Tracking Your Budget in Home Accountz

By Quentin Pain, David Bradforth, John Taylor

Part of Home Accountz For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Home Accountz allows you to create budgets for your accounts and track the progress of those budgets through the eaZy button panel. Using this feature on a regular basis should help you manage your money and stay out of debt. Follow these steps to see how your budget is doing:

  1. Open Home Accountz, and then choose Accounts→Accounts, Balances & Budgeting.

  2. Click the Overview tab in the center of the Accounts, Balances & Budgeting panel that appears.

    The first three columns below the Period heading show a specific month.

  3. (Optional) Change the month displayed in the Period columns by selecting the month from the drop-down list above the table.

    The information that appears should help see whether you’re on budget or need to make some changes to get there.

The columns below the Period, Year to Date, and Full Year headings tell you important information about your budget versus actual spending as they relate to each of those time periods (see the following figure):

  • Actual or Forecast: The first column shows Actual or Forecast figures, depending on the current date and the period selected. Periods in the past display actual balances. Periods in the future display forecast balances, as shown in the following figure.

  • Budget: The second column shows the budget for the period.

  • Diff: The third column shows the difference. That is, whether you’ve spent more or less than your budget.

The Full Year section of the table shows everything for the whole budget, regardless of the period selected, so it gives you a good overview of your complete budget.