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In Home Accountz, you can set up your budget by using the eaZy button so that it reflects the details of the account you’re budgeting for. Follow these steps to set up your budget:

  1. Open Home Accountz, and then choose Accounts→Accounts, Balances & Budgeting.

  2. Click the Budgeting tab in the centre of the Accounts, Balances & Budgeting panel that appears.

  3. From the drop-down list above the table, select the budget you want to set up.

  4. Open your Accounts list in the left panel.

    In this panel, you can see the accounts for which you want to set budgets.

  5. If you want to set an annual budget for any account or account group, enter the total for the year in the Total column.

    The following figure shows that 20,000 has been entered against the Income group.

    You can also set amounts for individual months if you want to set finer budgets. You might want to specify monthly amounts for holidays, for example.

  6. Enter any specific information that you want in the table.

    You can add more detail whenever you like.

    The values in the Total column show you how your budget is balancing — for example, if you’re budgeting more for expenditure than you’re getting in income, you can see whether it’s balancing out.


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