Working with a Quicken 2012 QuickFill - dummies

Working with a Quicken 2012 QuickFill

By Stephen L. Nelson

Here’s kind of a funny quirk about Quicken 2012: If Quicken can guess what you’re typing in a field, it fills in the rest of the field for you. This QuickFill feature works when you type category names, but it gets even better than that.

The second time you use a payee name, for example, Quicken knows that it’s the second time. Quicken also figures that, “Hey, some stuff from the last Movies Galore transaction will probably be the same for this transaction.”

When you type the first few letters of the payee name, Quicken supplies a payee name for you. After you press the Tab key to accept the name, Quicken uses the last transaction’s information to fill in all the current transaction’s fields.

This feature is a real timesaver. Suppose that you did write a $25.50 check to Movies Galore for your June cable television bill. When you type Movies Galore to record July’s cable television check, the amount will probably be the same. The complete payee name will certainly be the same, and the category will also be the same. So Quicken fills in all these fields, too.

QuickFill doesn’t do everything for you, however. You still need to make sure that the date and check number are correct. If Quicken QuickFills a field with the wrong information, just replace the wrong information with the right information.