Windows 7 and Quicken 2012 Help - dummies

Windows 7 and Quicken 2012 Help

By Stephen L. Nelson

Help, a separate application within Windows 7, has powerful tools to help you learn about Windows 7 and application programs, such as Quicken 2012. To access Help, select the Help menu or click the ? icon.

The Quicken 2012 Help menu lists as many as 12 commands: Getting Started Guide, Quicken Help, Quicken Live Community, Quicken Support, Submit Feedback On Quicken, Join The Quicken Inner Circle, Privacy Preferences, Log Files, About Quicken, Unlock Again, Add Business Tools, and Add Rental Property Tools.

Different versions of Quicken have different Help menus and supply different commands. For the most part, they all work pretty much in the same way.

The Quicken 2012 Getting Started Guide command

The Getting Started Guide command displays windows that list Quicken Help topics related to getting the Quicken program set up and getting started using Quicken.

The Quicken 2012 Help command

If you choose Help→Quicken Help, the Help program displays a window that has two tabs: Contents and Search Quicken Help.

The Contents tab lists some of the major Help topic categories. To display the topics within a particular category, double-click the Help topic category. Help expands the list shown so that it shows the topics within each category. Double-click the topic to display the Help information on that topic.

You can click on the Search Quicken Help tab to search through the Help topics. To use the Search tab, enter your search words, or keywords, into the first text box, and then select the Help topic from the last list box.

The Quicken 2012 Live Community command

The Quicken Live Community command connects you to an Intuit-sponsored Quicken support forums website so that you can discuss Quicken problems and solutions with other Quicken users.

The Quicken 2012 Support command

The Quicken Support command opens a web page at Intuit’s product support website for Quicken. There’s lots of good information here.

The Submit Feedback On Quicken 2012 command

The Submit Feedback On Quicken command opens a web page that you can use to submit suggestions, share comments, or report bugs. If you have something you need to say, this is the way you do it.

The Join The Quicken Inner Circle command

The Join The Quicken Inner Circle command lets you sign up with Intuit, Inc., to participate in customer feedback programs where you can share comments with the Quicken product managers, marketers, and developers.

The Privacy Preferences command

This command displays information about the ways Intuit attempts to keep your financial data secure and about the business practices that Intuit employs. The command also provides a couple of check boxes you can use to tell Intuit whether you’re cool with them collecting usage statistics.

If you’re not, you uncheck some boxes and your copy of Quicken won’t share information with Intuit about how easily Quicken connects to your online banking vendor and so on.

The Log Files command

The Log Files command displays a web page with links you can click to easily access the log files that Quicken maintains in case some part of the Quicken program goes haywire, you need to call Intuit’s technical support, and then need to know what in the world happened.

The About Quicken command

The About Quicken command displays a dialog box that gives the application’s complete name (for example, Quicken Premier 2012). To remove this dialog box from the screen, click OK.

The Unlock Again command

The Unlock Again command (which is also called Enter Unlock Code in some versions of Quicken) isn’t really a Help command. What this command does is walk you through the steps for accessing a more powerful version of Quicken, such as Quicken Home & Business. (Essentially, you pay an unlock fee, and Intuit supplies an unlock code.)

The Add Business Tools and Rental Property Tools commands

Commands like the Add Rental Property Tools command on the Help menu are available in the Premier version of Quicken 2012. These commands let the user upgrade automatically to the Business or Rental Manager versions of Quicken.

Note that in other versions of Quicken, you might not see these commands on the Help menu — though you might have another command in its place that lets you upgrade to some other version of Quicken.