Update Your Quicken 2012 Accounts with Online Account Access - dummies

Update Your Quicken 2012 Accounts with Online Account Access

By Stephen L. Nelson

One major advantage of Online Account Access is that you can get the most up-to-date information regarding your Quicken 2012 accounts. When you use the Tools menu’s One Step Update or Schedule Updates command, your bank automatically sends current transactions to your computer. If Quicken can match the bank’s records with your records, no problem. Everything is fine.

If Quicken can’t match the bank records with your records, however, it lists the mystery transactions on the Downloaded Transactions tab of the account register window. You then examine them before they go into your records. You can add downloaded transactions from the bank’s list to your register by clicking the transaction and then the Add to Register button.

By regularly downloading transactions into your online accounts and matching transactions between your Quicken records and the bank’s records, you make reconciling your bank accounts a snap.

In effect, by downloading and matching transactions, you get information about checks and debit card transactions that you’ve forgotten to record much earlier (because you don’t have to wait until the end of the month). Note, however, that you should still reconcile your account in the usual way.