The Quicken 2015 Mobile Device App - dummies

The Quicken 2015 Mobile Device App

By Stephen L. Nelson

Quicken 2014 works with a handy Quicken mobile device app, but Quicken 2015 really expands the functionality and utility of the Quicken app. Briefly review the three, really neat features the Quicken app provides and then consider a couple of tangential comments about the app.

If you’ve got a mobile device (like a smart phone), you probably want to know this stuff:

Up-to-date account balances

So here’s a first, handy thing the Quicken 2015 app does: It gets you your account balances.

For example, ever been out at some store? Needing to write a check or use a debit card? And you’re wondering whether your account balance supports the spending?

No problem with the Quicken 2015 app. If you keep your desktop Quicken data file up to date (so its balances are correct, in other words), desktop Quicken sends this information to the Quicken Cloud so it’s available to you anytime, anywhere via your mobile device running the Quicken app. Sweet, right?

Transaction details at your fingertips

And the Quicken app doesn’t just provide you with account balances (handy as that is).

You can also drill down into the account balance data and get lists of actual transactions you’ve entered in Quicken desktop.

You’d be able to tell, for example, whether the balance you see includes some big transaction you’re not sure you’ve entered yet.

In-the-field data entry

Finally, one other neat (but maybe predictable) trick you can do with the Quicken app: You can enter data into the app and then have the app send the data back to the cloud where (eventually) it’ll get entered right back into the Quicken desktop software’s data file.

As you might expect, the app is very smart about the way it gets the data. Okay, yes, smart devices aren’t ideal for entering accounting information. But Intuit made the app really good at automatically fields and recycling other information already stored in your desktop Quicken data file.

Even if your fingers are usually a little big for data entry on a smart phone, you can probably get this to work pretty darn well.

Two other Quicken app tidbits to know

Remember a couple other things:

  1. You tell the desktop version of Quicken which accounts you want to sync with the Quicken cloud and therefore be “available” to your Quicken app when you add the accounts inside the desktop version of Quicken.

  2. You do need to have an Intuit ID set up to use the Quicken app and connect through the Quicken cloud to your desktop version of Quicken. (Predictably, the system uses very high encryption and security to keep your data safe.)