The Quicken 2012 Calendar - dummies

The Quicken 2012 Calendar

By Stephen L. Nelson

The bar along the top of the Quicken 2012 Calendar provides some other tools that you may want to use. You’ll have more fun trying them out yourself than you would reading about them.


Nevertheless, here’s a bird’s-eye view:

  • The Add Note button lets you post a note on a calendar day. You use this feature to create reminder notes that will also appear in the Alerts area of the Cash Flow Center.

    For example, you may want to post a note saying Remember Wedding Anniversary on the big day. After you click this button, Quicken displays a dialog box in which you type the message. Then you click Save My Butt.

    The program also marks the calendar day with a little yellow square — a miniature stick-on note. Click the square to read the message.

  • The Options button displays a menu of commands that let you specify which transactions should appear in the Calendar, add an account balance graph in the Calendar window, and fiddle with the memorized transactions list. The transactions shown in that list box along the right edge of the Calendar window, by the way, are memorized transactions.