Record Tenant Rent Payments in Quicken Rental Property Manager - dummies

Record Tenant Rent Payments in Quicken Rental Property Manager

By Stephen L. Nelson

In the Rental Property Manager of Quicken, you can record your tenant’s rent payments. After you describe your properties and your tenants, you can begin recording tenant rent payments as tenants pay you, the lord of manor. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Display the Rental Property tab.

    No problem here, right? You just click on the tab.

  2. Select the tenant.

    Select the tenant for whom you want to record rent. Quicken highlights the tenant information and adds two, tiny, rather cute buttons labeled Enter and Skip to the tenant information.

  3. Click the tenant’s Enter button.


    Quicken displays the Enter Rent dialog box. Quicken knows most of what it needs to know in order to record the rent payment: the property, the tenant name, the rent amount, and so on. But confirm that this information is correct. You might want to edit the contents of the Memo text box, for example. Or you may need to assess a late fee if the tenant has paid late.

  4. Click Add to record the transaction.

    Quicken adds the rent payment to your records, recording the rent check as a deposit into the specified bank account. Behind the scenes, Quicken tags the transaction as income related to a specific property — just as you want it to do.