Record Reinvestment Dividends, Interest, or Capital Gains in Quicken 2012 - dummies

Record Reinvestment Dividends, Interest, or Capital Gains in Quicken 2012

By Stephen L. Nelson

When you reinvest your dividends, interest, or capital gains, you also must record your reinvestment transactions in Quicken 2012. Essentially, you’re buying new shares using the dividend or capital gain proceeds you could have received. To record the reinvestment of investment profits, display the investment window (by clicking the Investing tab and then clicking the investment account), and then follow these steps:

  1. Click the Enter Transactions button.

    Quicken displays the dialog box used to enter investments transactions.

  2. Select Reinvest – Income Reinvested in the Enter Transaction drop-down list box.

    Quicken displays the Reinvest – Income Reinvested version of the investment transaction entry dialog box.


  3. Enter the purchase date (in this case, the reinvestment date) in the Transaction Date text box.

  4. (Optional) Type a brief explanation of the transaction in the Memo text box.

  5. Use the Amount and Shares columns to describe the reinvestment.

    See those rows labeled Dividend, Interest, Short-Term Cap Gain Dist, Mid-Term Cap Gain Dist, and Long-Term Cap Gain Dist? And see the columns labeled Amount and Shares? Use these rows and columns to record the amounts of dividends, interest, and capital gains distributed to you by the mutual fund and to record the numbers of shares you purchase by reinvesting these amounts.

    For example, if you receive $100 of dividends and use this amount to purchase two shares, you enter 100 in the Dividend Amount box and 2 in the Dividend Shares text boxes, respectively.

  6. Record the reinvestment transaction.

    Click the Enter/New button if you want to record the transaction and enter another new transaction, or click the Enter/Done button if you want to record just the single transaction.