Quicken 2013 Report Customization Options - dummies

Quicken 2013 Report Customization Options

By Stephen L. Nelson

Quicken 2013 is remarkably sophisticated in its reporting. You can customize any report you see on the Reports menu. To customize these reports, click the Customize button (available when a report window shows) to get to the nuts and bolts of your selected report.

The Display tab of the Customize Cash Flow dialog box provides text boxes you can use to name your report, pick what row and column headings get used, and specify how much detail appears on the report. You can, for example, indicate that you do or you don’t want to see cents. Or that you want Quicken to calculate and show percentages.


The Accounts tab of the Customize dialog box displays a list of the Quicken accounts you’ve set up along with boxes and buttons you can use to specify which accounts’ transactions and details you want included in your report. You can use these options, for instance, to tell Quicken you only want to see transactions from your business checking account.

The Categories and Payees tabs display lists of your categories and payees so you can, for example, exclude a particular category or include only a selected set of payees.


Finally, the Advanced tab provides a bunch of other buttons and boxes you can use to fine-tune how a report looks. For example, you can use Advanced tab options to look at only cleared transactions or only uncleared transactions or only at tax-related transactions.

Quicken doesn’t provide the same customization options for every report. But in all cases, you can make lots of changes to your reports — which means you probably can customize your way to the perfect report for your situation.