Quicken 2012 Pop-Up Calendars and Calculators

By Stephen L. Nelson

Quicken 2012 provides a pop-up calendar anytime you move the selection cursor to a Date field. To get to the calendar, click the button that appears at the right end of the Date field. Quicken displays a calendar for the current month.

All you have to do is select the day you want as the date. (If you want to see a calendar for a different month, click the << and >> buttons.)


Quicken also provides a pop-up calculator anytime you move the selection cursor to an Amount field. To get to the calculator, click the button that appears at the right end of the Amount field.


Quicken displays a calculator when you choose the Tools→Calculator command. This baby works like a regular handheld calculator. You just type the math you want to perform. Quicken displays the calculation result in the Amount field.

Do the calculator keys make sense?

A Handyman’s Guide to the Quicken Calculator Keys
Key Name Operation
/ (slash) Division
X Multiplication
– (minus) Subtraction
+ (plus) Addition
. (period) Indicates the decimal point
% Indicates that the number you just typed is a percentage and
should be converted to a decimal value
= (equal sign) Calculates the amount and removes the pop-up calculator
<- Removes, or clears, the last digit you entered
CE Clears the last number entered into the calculator
C Clears the Amount field
MC Clears the calculator’s memory
MR Enters the number stored in the calculator’s memory
MS Stores the displayed value in the calculator’s

If you type a number in the Amount field and then type any one of the math operand keys (+, –, /, *), Quicken pops open the calculator to continue the calculation. You don’t have to click the calculator button first.