Quicken 2012 Banking Reports - dummies

Quicken 2012 Banking Reports

By Stephen L. Nelson

Quicken 2012 produces a bunch of different reports, which are arranged in groups. Access the Banking group of reports by clicking the Reports command and then selecting the Banking report group from the Reports menu.


Quicken Banking Reports
Report Description
Banking Summary Summarizes spending totals by category.
Cash Flow Summarizes the money that flows into and out of an account by
income and expense categories and by transfers. Cash is king, dude,
so this report includes only those transactions that you record in
your bank, cash, and credit card accounts.
Cash Flow By Tag Summarizes the money that flows into and out of an account not
only by income and expense categories and by transfers, but, get
this — also by tags. Perfect for the active real estate
Missing Checks Lists all the checks you’ve written and flags any gaps in
the check number sequence. This report helps you identify missing
Reconciliation Summarizes an account reconciliation that you’ve
performed. You don’t need this report, really, unless you
have a clinical anxiety disorder and need to prove to yourself or
your accountant that you really did reconcile your account.
Transaction Lets you list transactions in multiple accounts

To create a Cash Flow report (or any other report, for that matter) on the fly, choose the report on the appropriate menu. For example, to create the Cash Flow report, choose the Reports→Banking→Cash Flow command.

Quicken then creates the report, placing it in a newly opened window. After you create a report, you can change the report date or date range by using the boxes at the top of the report.